Everyone’s favorite exercise to hate, the burpee is a gnarly squat meets push-up meets jump movement that’ll send you straight to cardio purgatory and leave all your limbs burning.


So, why is the move in seemingly every single workout class, trainer’s play book and bootcamp across the nation? Because it works. It strengthens your entire body from your shoulders and arms to your tummy and tush to your thighs and calves. The best part, all you need is your own body weight!


So, in honor of this killer move and the ability to make your body your machine, this month’s In-Shape fitness challenge celebrates the BURPEE! If burpees are part of your usual workout routine, double the number each day for extra challenge. Now, who is ready for some results? Share ‘em with #InShapeBurpeeChallenge and #InShapeAttitude and we’ll reshare our favorites!


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