Behind every success, there’s always a story of a great coach, too. One of our In-Shape members found her way back to health, and thanks our staff members for their help along her journey.


Micah Hall was over 400 pounds, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and had been a Type 2 Insulin Dependent Diabetic for nearly 15 years. She knew she had to make a lifestyle change, and started slowly by trying to exercise on her own. She was still struggling and her daughter convinced her to join In-Shape.  


At In-Shape, Micah’s friend introduced her to the group fitness classes. Micah found inspiration from her friend, as well as the group fitness instructors—especially Heather. Micah began talking to Heather after one of her Cardio Dance classes. She had been so impressed with Heather, she began to take more of her classes more often.


Micah loved how Heather was always patient with her and made sure she was available to answer any questions she had. She taught her proper form for various exercises to make sure she had safe, successful workouts. Heather even let Micah vent about her frustrations and when she didn't attend a class, she would reach out to her to make sure everything was okay.


Today Micah is well on her way to losing 145 pounds. Her blood work is in normal range, her cholesterol has dropped, and her diabetes is gone. She’s stronger and healthier than ever before. Although Micah is thankful for all the great people she’s met at In-Shape during her transformation, she credits her big success to Heather and her contagious positive attitude and loyal support. We could all use someone like Heather.