It’s been a long year of hunkering down at home, and many of us have treated this winter as an opportunity to hibernate (or perhaps it was a forced hibernation?). That’s okay—but now we’re getting ready to emerge and work towards a healthy, happy and safe 2021. As restrictions are lifting and safety protocols show things looking up, here are 5 things we’re excited for as we all come out of isolation hibernation!



1. Dance with your friends at Zumba® again

Dancing like nobody’s watching is great, but we’ve missed dancing with our friends.


2. Lift heavy with your workout buddy

No more soup cans in place of dumbbells. It’s time to get those gains back!


3. Commit to healthier meal choices

Takeout was the only thing to look forward to for so long, but now that things are looking brighter, we’re excited to start cooking healthy meals at home. Plus, spring means new veggies will be in season soon!


4. Log miles on the treadmill, then head to your fave restaurant

It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to enjoy working up an appetite with a long run on the treadmill before heading to our favorite place for dinner!


5. Participate in a fitness challenge to hit RESET

Need extra motivation to help you get moving again? Sign up for one of our fitness challenges. These are FREE for In-Shape members and include workouts you can do in the club, at home on our digital platform, or both! If you’re wondering how to press “reset” on your fitness goals, this is a great place to start.