With just over a week to go until the end of In-Shape’s Fight Cancer campaign, we wanted to share with you another inspiring story from one of our most popular, motivating and awesome group fitness instructors from Bakersfield, Jennifer Jones.


It’s for people like Jenny that we want to raise as much money as possible to help fight this disease. Check out her story below for some serious motivation to keep moving, keep positive, and keep fighting cancer! Together, we can do it!


On March 24 of this year, Jennifer was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer during a routine mammogram. Two weeks later she had breast conserving surgery and had three lymph nodes removed. She started daily radiation treatment five days a week for a month and half. This intense therapy made Jenny extremely tired and her body was sore all over.


Throughout months of radiation treatment, she continued to teach group fitness classes. In fact, she often would finish up a treatment, and immediately race to teach class. She didn’t do this because she felt she had to, or she couldn’t find a sub, but because she found that even if she felt tired and sore after treatment, she always felt better and had more energy after she taught a class. She’d modify and used a lighter set of weights when she worked her chest muscles, but continued with her usual load on the rest of her body!


She found the community at In-Shape became a source of constant encouragement, “The day before my surgery, everyone in my class showed up wearing pink for me! They showered me with love, hugs and cards. It was so special.”


She credits her strength fighting the disease, to the physical strength she built as a result of her fitness routine, “My experience with breast cancer has made me realize that life can change in a moment and that we must work hard to stay strong and be ready for whatever life throws our way.”


“I live every day with a grateful heart. I am thankful for the life, family and friends that God has blessed me with and am motivated by the people that attend my class. I believe my purpose on this Earth is to encourage others, and being an instructor is my platform to do so,” she reflected on her outlook on life.  


“I would tell anyone facing Stage 1 breast cancer that they are strong and they will win,” she continued. “It makes me proud that In-Shape has made it their priority to raise awareness and raise funds for cancer research. I love seeing everyone work together for such a worthy cause.”


We are so inspired by your positive attitude, Jenny, and are lucky to have you on our team!