Even though Labor Day is a day to rest from actual work, it’s a great extra day to work out (and have some fun while you’re doing it). We’ve got some great ways to stay active no matter where you’re spending your vacation day.


29-Minute Circuit 

In-Shape's 29-Minute Circuit® is a 13-station workout routine all fitness levels can enjoy. It gives your body a quick and efficient workout in less than 30 minute and combines resistance training with aerobic exercise. It’s perfect for anyone looking to do a lot of work in little bit of time.



What better way to challenge your body then with a moderate-intensity hike at your favorite park, mountain or nearby trail? Hitting the trail helps you build muscle, clears your head and gives you a bit of fresh air, too. An hour hike can burn over 350 calories, so what are you waiting for?


Bike Riding

You can get a total body workout just from hopping on your bike and taking a ride. A good ride can help you burn up to 500 calories an hour, so why not take your bike out for a spin? Don’t have a bike? No problem! Look up bike rentals in your area.


Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a great sport to enjoy at the beach, and it’ll also help maximize your speed and strength. Not at a beach? A lot of community parks have volleyball nets up to use, too. Think of how many times you jump, run, or rotate your body to perform a serve and win the game—yeah, all that motion burns up to 585 calories an hour.



Want to tone your body, boost your metabolism and burn major calories? Then swimming is your go-to! Swimming will challenge your body with an all-over workout, and it’s great way to cool down when it’s hot outside.