It’s time to celebrate the New Year! Enjoy your get-togethers with your friends and family with some classy spritzers. We aren’t talking about the syrupy, alcoholic spritzers most people are used to. You don’t have to drink your calories to have a good time with us; here are a few ways to lighten up your drinks for your new year’s celebration!


Skip the alcohol. A drink doesn’t need alcohol to be called a spritzer, it just needs some fizz! Replace alcohol, sodas, and sparkling juices with flavored mineral water. It will give you the fizz you want, without the added calories. Plus, kids can join in on the fun too!


Say no to added sugar. Find a juice to mix with your mineral water that doesn’t have added sugars. Most juices have sugar in them, and it comes from the natural sugar in the fruit. Your juice should only be as sweet as the fruit it comes from. Look for bottles that say “100% Fruit Juice” and “No Added Sugar” before you buy.


Agave is your sweet friend. If your sweet tooth needs more, add agave or honey to your drink. Agave and honey have natural sugars that are a great addition to many drinks. They are typically in liquid form, which makes the mixing easy!

Here is a recipe for a spritzer you can make this New Year’s Eve and share with your friends and family. Have a Happy & Healthy New Years!


Cranberry-Raspberry New Year Spritzer


2 ½ cups refrigerated cranberry juice

2 ½ cups refrigerated raspberry juice

5 cups chilled lemon-flavor mineral water

Berries to garnish



In a 3 to 3 ½ quart glass pitcher, mix the juices together. Pour in mineral water. Then, pour into tall, ice-filled glasses (at least 12 oz.) and add berries to garnish.



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