It’s soup season, and we love having veggie broth ready to go whenever we’re in the mood to try a new recipe. Forget keeping boxes or cans of broth in the pantry—did you know you can make vegetable broth yourself, using kitchen scraps you would have thrown away?


This broth is good for more than just saving you money. Homemade broth is super delicious, and you control how much sodium goes in, making it a healthier choice. Freeze it to use in soup recipes or use it instead of water when cooking rice and other grains for a flavor punch.



What you do:

Keep a gallon sized Ziplock bag in your freezer and whenever you cut up vegetables or herbs, add the scraps (peels, skins, stalks, seeds and leaves) from the list below to your bag. Make sure to wash them first! Once your bag is full, you’re ready to make your first batch of broth.


Scraps to store for broth:

Carrots, onions, garlic, celery, mushrooms, bell peppers, jalapenos (but only if you like a spicy broth!) leeks, scallions, and herbs (parsley, rosemary, thyme, oregano, etc.)


Do not use:

Cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, zucchini, green beans, potatoes, turnips or beets.



  1. Pour frozen vegetable scraps into a large crock pot. Alternatively, you can use a large pot on your stove.
  2. Optional: add bay leaves, peppercorn, or other herbs before cooking if desired.
  3. Pour in filtered water until it’s at least an inch above your scraps. Using less water makes a more concentrated broth, which you can add water to later. More water will make a lighter, less concentrated broth.
  4. Cook on HIGH for 4-5 hours, occasionally stirring.
  5. Using a fine mesh strainer or sieve, strain your broth.
  6. Add in 2-3 tbsp nutritional yeast, plus salt and pepper to taste. (If you’d prefer vegetable stock, you can skip this step.)
  7. Let cool completely. Separate and portion out into freezer-safe containers and store in your freezer until you’re ready.



Soup’s on!