Want to start 2017 off right? You’re in luck—follow these easy tips for becoming a new you in the new year.

Find Your Motivation

Everyone has a reason to get In-Shape, but did you know that having a specific reason that motivates you, can help you be more successful? Think about your reason, and remind yourself of it right before each time you go to work out.

Make a Plan

Don’t just try to jam in a ton of new things and routines onto your everyday schedule. Take time to plan out workouts and when you will do them, so you don’t feel overwhelmed when you begin to pay more attention to your health.

Create Goals

Having an end goal in mind helps you know where to start and what steps you need to get there. Just make sure your goals are realistic, so you’ll actually stick with them.

Track What You Eat

Keeping a food diary might actually surprise you at first to see everything you eat in on day. Tracking what you eat is super helpful when you’re trying to be healthier. Plus, iit can help you see when it’s okay to go off track a little bit and give yourself a reward.

Don’t Skip Out on Breakfast

We’re serious—eat breakfast every single day. Eating a big healthy breakfast as early as possible will give you more energy, lead you to make healthier choices during the day and keep you feeling full so you eat less later on.

Use Reliable Resources

This one is majorly important. You should always use credible sources to find reliable information about nutrition. Never follow someone’s or something’s advice if you can’t prove it’s credible.

Become a Vegetable Lover

Add more veggies to your diet. Because vegetables are filled with nutrients, water, fiber and very few calories, if you fill half of your plate with vegetables, you'll get fuller faster and cut down your calories without feeling deprived.

Exercise Is a Must

To be truly healthy, you can’t just eat healthy foods and put exercising on the back burner. You’ll need to add exercises into your daily life. Find routines that work well for you and your body, and plan out when you can fit those routines in.

Move at Your Own Pace

Don’t be afraid to take things slow when you’re just starting to transition to a healthier you. Start off slow, and add more in as time goes by and you feel more comfortable making changes.

Be Prepared for Lapses

Always remember no one’s perfect. We all sometimes slide off course—and that’s okay! Just recognize the fact that you got sidetracked, and pick back up where you left off.