We all know getting our fruits and veggies is key to a healthy lifestyle. Focusing on eating more vegetables and plant-based meals helps you think outside the usual pasta and meat sauce, or steak and potatoes, or taco and tortilla box. It’s a healthy way to get more from your food to help your body recover from all your hard work at the club. Plus, The American Institute of Cancer Research recommends a plant-based approach as a way to incorporate more cancer-fighting foods into your diet.


Set your 2019 up for success by filling up your fridge and freezer with fresh fruits and vegetables and your pantry with lots of grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go completely vegan, or even vegetarian to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet.


All you have to do is follow a few of these tips to get some more plants on your plate.


Freeze your unused (but ripe!) fruits and veggies.



Chop up fresh fruit and veggies that you won’t use before they go bad and save them to blend into your smoothies. Spinach, zucchini, cauliflower and parsley are all delicious blended up with frozen berries, mango, pineapple and your favorite protein powder for a nutrient dense snack or meal.


Go meatless one day a week.



Challenge yourself to go meatless one day a week. It doesn’t have to be Mondays but pick a day that works with your schedule. All day too much to ask? Start smaller and go meatless for dinner one night a week and work up from there. There are tons of delicious plant-based meals that will fill you up and the added variety will keep your taste buds tingling (while delivering a serious dose of vitamins and nutrients!).


Lean on legumes and mushrooms.



Pack your lunch ahead of time and instead of grilled chicken on your salad or a turkey sandwich, try topping your salad with beans, nuts and seeds. Grilled mushrooms, eggplant, squash and zucchini are a delicious addition to any sandwich.


Prep your snacks.



Wash and chop your fruits and veggies every Sunday and portion them out in Tupperware so when hunger strikes, you have easy to eat fresh fruits or veggies at your disposal. Celery, carrots, cucumbers, and snap peas are all great options that are hearty enough to travel with you and give you that crunch when you crave it.


Eat oodles of Zoodles.



Vegetable noodles made of zucchini or sweet potato are delicious and a great alternative to pasta if you’re following a lower carb diet. Not on a low carb plan? These are still an awesome addition to your rotation. Add extra fiber and nutrients to any pasta dish by mixing a serving of veggie noodles in with a serving of spaghetti.


Try our NICE cream recipes for a plant-based version of your favorite dessert.



The recipes are raw, vegan, dairy-free, fat-free, gluten-free and packed with vitamins and minerals. They’re also the perfect way to use up those overripe bananas sitting on the counter.


Add chopped greens to everything…well almost everything.



Chopped greens add fiber, flavor and nutrients to your sauces. Making a tomato sauce for your pasta? Chop up some spinach, kale or zucchini to add to it. Making a soup? Do the same. Love lasagna? Try adding spinach or eggplant. Making meatballs, burgers or meatloaf? Grate some zucchini, cauliflower or carrots and incorporate into the meat mix. Get creative!


Make stir-fry a weekly staple.



Stir-fries are a great way to get more veggies in your belly. They can be completely meat free, or just veggie-heavy with a little protein on the side.  Since the emphasis is on getting more plants on your plate, fill your bowl first with veggies, a grain like quinoa, and then top it off with a small portion of tofu, chicken, shrimp, meat or egg.


Plan your vegetables first, the rest comes next.



Make veggies the star of the show and stick your carbs and protein in the supporting role. Build your meal starting with the vegetables, add your grains or legumes, some nuts and seeds and then add your protein like meat, fish, poultry or egg.


Try our Recharge Card recipes.



The smoothies we feature are full of fruits and even some vegetables. Try the flavor of the month to supercharge your diet and maybe find your new favorite.