You may have heard someone say they wished they had a faster metabolism and wondered: is that even something we can control? Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories, so a slower metabolism burns fewer calories than a faster metabolism.


Your metabolic rate is the total number of calories your body uses to fuel functions like exercising, digesting foods and living your life. To get an idea of your current metabolic rate, you can use the InBody Test, which estimates how many calories you burn in a day. (It’s free for In-Shape members, just make a reservation.)


Your metabolic rate can change from day to day depending on your activity level—and it turns out there are ways to boost it.



1. Pump up the muscle

Increasing your muscle mass will increase your metabolism. More muscle means more calories burned daily—more details on why here.


2. Stand up!

Sitting all day can cause weight gain and health problems. If you spend just four hours standing instead of sitting, you could burn an extra 174 calories a day! Try walking around while chatting on the phone or investing in a stand-up desk.


3. Sip some green tea

Drinking green or oolong tea has been shown to increase metabolism. Green tea is extremely low in calories (less than 3 calories a cup!) and full of antioxidants. Try brewing and icing your own green tea flavors at home for a refreshing sugar-free drink.


4. Swap for coconut oil

Unlike most saturated fats, coconut oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids which have been shown to increase metabolism by 12%. Coconut oil has also been shown to reduce inflammation in the body.


5. Start your day with protein

Enjoy a breakfast with protein like eggs or turkey sausage (look for a natural version with no nitrates), then add in some fiber like oatmeal or veggies. This combination will send a signal to your body to burn fat for fuel. You’ll also see a difference in your appetite and hunger levels for the rest of the day.



Some people just naturally have a faster metabolism, and there are some things that contribute to your metabolic rate that you can’t change, like your age. But incorporating a few of these simple tips could add up to a significant difference in your health!