If you think weight training is an automatic ticket to a bulky physique, think again. You can build a stronger, healthier body that's still eye-popping and sexy by including weight training in your workouts. Find out how to get stronger fast without bulking up with these guidelines.

Intense weight training

There's only one way to build up your strength in a hurry and that's by lifting weights — heavy ones. If you're new to lifting, start with weights that are about 60 – 70 percent of your one rep maximum and work your way up. Experienced lifters will get faster results using 80 percent of their one rep max.

Up-tempo workouts

Slow and steady is for bodybuilders. Faster movements are the key to getting stronger, but not bigger. Stay sleek and still get stronger with quicker reps — aim for each set to end in 30 seconds or less.

Lowered frequency

Train with weights no more than three times a week. When you're working out, keep each set of repetitions low — 2 or 3 sets at most and a maximum of 30 total reps in a day. With this approach, you will prevent excess muscle growth and get stronger fast without the unwanted bulk.

Extended rest time

Interesting point: the process of building muscles involves creating a low-fuel, high-stress environment in the body. So, getting stronger without getting bigger requires giving your body some recovery time between sets. Three to four minutes of rest allows your ATP (muscle fuel) to replenish.

Smart eating

Don't boost your caloric intake while you're building your strength. More calories = bigger muscles. But don't cut back, either. This isn't the time for a weight-loss diet. A good rule of thumb is one gram (or just slightly less) of protein for each pound of body weight every day.

Summing up

Push yourself hard, but not too hard. Aim for quick, intense lifting sessions. Limit your weight training, eat healthy, and above all, be safe. This training regimen is exactly how to get stronger fast and become a lean, sexy powerhouse.