Stuck in a workout rut? We know nothing can be worse, but don’t worry. When you find yourself bored, losing your can-do attitude and close to giving up, it’s time to seriously switch things up! So lace up your shoes (or put on your swimsuit), here are some fun-filled activities that will give you a change of pace (and a change of heart):


Cardio Tennis

Tennis, anyone? How about a full-body, calorie-burning, cardiovascular workout combined with tennis? Yeah, we pretty much love it! Try this high-energy activity where backhands are actually a good thing.



This game first appeared in America in the 1920s, but lucky for us, it never got old. This classic sport will have you working up a sweat (and burning up to 800 calories), which is enough reason to grab a partner and play.


BasketballGuy Shooting a Basketball

With this sport, the ball’s in your court. We’re just letting you know one hour of gameplay allows you to burn up to 800 calories, build stamina and relieve stress. Plus, it’s fun and will give you a little social time, too.



Adding a splash to your workout can help you burn calories and get toned faster. It can also help with pesky arthritis and joint pains (if you have them). Why is it our favorite? Well because you’ll never get too overheated in the crisp, cool water. 


Go Outside

If your indoor exercise routine is getting you down, then get up! Get up and embrace the great outdoors. It’s full of all kinds of fitness wonders— trails for walking, running, hiking and biking. There’s so much to do and so much fresh air to breathe in.


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