Challenge yourself this month to build serious strength and balance with daily Dumbbell Rows (don’t worry there are a few rest days built in!).


Keep these tips from our all-star Trainers in mind to keep those rows in line:


  • Don't pull with your arms: Think about pulling with your lats and upper back. 
  • Don't shrug your shoulders: Think about keeping your shoulder blades in your back pockets. 
  • Don't round your back: Think about a neutral spine that you could balance something on without it rolling off. 
  • Don't flare your arms: Think about making an 'arrow' with your arms and back by keeping your arms close to your body. 
  • Don't hold your breath: Breathe out as you drive the weight up and breathe in as you control the weight down. 


* You can use dumbbells, kettlebells or even something you have around the house (like a gallon of milk!)


Dumbbell bent over row   

Have questions? Ask a Trainer! They are happy to help!