Another foundational movement in In-Shape’s signature Move7 Training System is the lunge. Not only does it improve balance and coordination, but it also promotes functional movements such as walking up and down stairs, throwing a ball, and even tying your shoes! 


Your quads, glutes and hamstrings must all activate to perform a lunge. So, if you want to increase leg strength, improve the shape, look and feel of you lower body then the lunge has to be your go to move!


Shape your lunge (and your legs!) with these dos and don’ts from our Trainers! You’ll be saying Oh My Quad in no time!




  • Stand up tall
  • Brace your core
  • Keep your feet hip width apart as if you were walking on train tracks
  • Use your hips to control the downward and upward movement
  • Keep your shoulders directly over your hips
  • Pull down and back with the front foot and then down and forward with the back foot
  • Hover the back knee just above the ground
  •  Keep neck neutral



  • Drive the knees inward
  • Lift the front heel off the ground at the bottom of the lunge
  • Allow your front knee to come forward in front of your front toes
  • Let your rear knee rest on the ground
  • Arch the low back
  • Lean too far forward


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