Bench Weight Equipment in Gym

Um, it’s a myth! This might surprise you, but focusing on only cardio will actually make you burn less calories overall. Let us break it down to you and explain why adding strength training to your workout regime is a good idea:


Lean muscle mass

You need strength training in your workouts to build lean muscle mass because it increases your metabolism and decreases fat. The more muscle you build, the more calories you’ll burn. (Oh yeah!)


2 is better than 1

Lucky for you, some strength training workouts do double duty by combining cardio, too. Did you know you can burn 20 calories during one minute of kettlebell exercises? That’s the same speed as if you were running a six-minute mile!  


Resistance = results

Lose. More. Weight. It’s what most of us want to do. Resistance-based exercises like kettlebell, TRX and weight lifting help you lose more weight, plain and simple.