Are you always missing something from your gym bag when you get to the club? Stay on top of it, and make your trips to the club easier with this list of must-haves for your gym bag.

Dri-Fit Shirt

Always have one of these lightweight, comfortable shirts stashed in your bag because it features body-temperature regulating climate-control zones that keep you cool during an intense workout.


Workout Shorts, Pants, or Sweats

Whatever your preference for workout bottoms, don’t forget to throw them in the bag!



Depending on what type of physical activity you’re going to do at the gym, make sure to bring along shoes that are specifically made for that activity.



How many times have you gotten to the club after work and noticed you have everything but socks? Yeah, we’re guilty, too. Put socks in your bag ahead of time, and pack an extra pair while you’re at it. 


Sports Bra (if needed)

Women who are hitting the club up on their way to somewhere else or right after work, should remember this key item—it offers more flexibility and a different level of support than a regular bra.



Nobody likes to smell B.O. when they’re working out next to someone. Make sure to stock your bag with deodorant, so you can freshen up right before you work out (and afterward, too).



These music-rocking gems are essential to most people’s workouts, and they also happen to be one of the easiest things to forget. Don’t work out without them again—keep a pair in your bag.


Phone or Other Music Player

Do you like listening to your favorite jams while you get your sweat on? Most of us do. While you might not want to keep this stashed in your bag, remember to bring it into the club with you when you go.


Armband Phone Case

If you use your phone for music during your workout, stay hands-free with an armband phone case.


Water Bottle (or Sports Drink)

Keep a water bottle or a sports drink in your bag, so you can stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout.


Hair Ties

This tiny item can sometimes ruin your workout if you forget one. That’s why we suggest keeping a bunch in your bag—that way if one breaks, you’ve always got one on deck.


Sweat Towel

You can bring your own or get one at the club—the choice is up to you!


Dry Shampoo

If you don’t have time to shower, or just don’t want wet hair after the gym, dry shampoo is a good solution. 


Shower Shoes (like Flip Flops)

Remember to pack shower shoes if you plan on hopping in the shower at the club—they give you some extra support in the gym showers.


Healthy Snacks

Sometimes the only thing standing between you and a good workout is a lack of energy. Pack healthy snacks in your bag, so you’ll have one when you need it. 


Lock for Locker Rooms

Keep your things safely secure in the locker room with a lock for the locker you use.