It’s a beautiful day for a workout! Although we burn calories and build muscle at the same rate whether we’re indoors or out, you’ll gain some serious benefits when you switch from home workouts to exercising with us at In-Shape Outdoors. Remember, it’s called “the great outdoors” for a reason!



1. A Change Of Scenery Will Decrease Boredom

Virtual workouts can definitely help you work up a sweat, but most of us have limited space and lots of distractions at home. Checking in at the club will provide a much-needed change of scenery that will offer a boost of motivation.



2. Outdoor Workouts Can Improve Sleep

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, an outdoor workout might be just what you need to start counting sheep again. Getting fresh air and regular exercise can alleviate insomnia! If you need more advice, check out our 5 tips to seriously snooze.



3. You’ll Get Vitamin D From The Sun

Natural sunlight can lift your mood and get you some much-needed Vitamin D. Even though we have our equipment placed in the shade, make sure to wear your sunscreen for maximum protection.



4. Outdoor Workouts Can Be Good For Mental Health

Studies show spending time outdoors lowers blood pressure and is great for your mental health. This seems to be especially important recently since we’ve been spending so much time in our homes. Exercise (wherever you do it) is also an excellent way to cope with anxiety.



5. Your Home Gym Just Doesn’t Have This…

Many of us picked up a few dumbbells for the home gym during the pandemic, but In-Shape Outdoors has so much more to offer! You can swim in the pool, hit the tennis or pickleball courts or spin on a cycle bike. You could take a group fitness class like yoga, aqua, ZUMBA®, or your favorite workout from LES MILLS®. Even if your home gym managed to have all that variety, it would still be missing one thing: a community. Studies show feeling connected to a community is important for both mental and physical health.




Keeping our members safe is our top priority. Working out outdoors is a great way to stay safe while connecting with your community. Wear your mask, stay six feet apart, and let’s enjoy outdoor workouts together!