We’ve all been there: the alarm clock goes off and you’re pumped for your morning workout, only to read a text from your workout buddy that they’re homesick! In this scenario, you have two options: roll over and go back to sleep, or head to the gym anyway and SLAY that workout all on your own.

Remember, the only workout you’ll regret is the one you didn’t do…so follow our tips and tricks to get the most out of your solo workout.


1. Prepare an awesome playlist

Whether you use Spotify, Pandora, or some other music app to curate the perfect workout playlist, make sure yours is full of jams that leave you ready to get moving. If working out to music isn’t your thing, try saving a podcast or audiobook for your solo workouts. If you know you ONLY get to listen to it when you work out on your own, you’ll have something to look forward to.


2. Go in with a plan

So you made it to the club and you’re ready to get in a good sweat…only to realize you have no idea what to do! Before your next workout, develop a schedule (is it leg day, arm day, cardio, etc.) and then choose exercises that support your goal for that day. And if you forget to make a plan, no excuses! Head to the 29-Minute Circuit for a full-body workout.


3. Know when to go heavier

Sometimes it’s hard to push yourself when you don’t have someone there to encourage you. Here’s a good place to start: if you can do 12 reps of a move with perfect form, you may be ready to work with something heavier.


4. Use muscles, not momentum

Don’t lift too fast and let momentum do the work! Try challenging your muscles to move through your exercises slowly.


5. Check yourself out

If you’re unsure whether you’re performing an exercise correctly, use a mirror or ask a Trainer to check your form. This one’s super important for preventing injuries. Besides, look how hard you’re working. You look great!


the only workout you'll regret is the one you don't do


6. Don’t worry about everyone else

If you feel like all eyes are on you…they’re probably not. When you really look around the club, most people are checking their form in the mirrors or grooving to their own playlists. Don’t stress about what size weight you can pick up today or what someone’s thinking about your outfit—remember what your teachers used to say and keep your eyes on your own paper!


7. Stay focused

You’d never text or check your phone in the middle of a group fitness class, so treat your solo workout with the same focus and respect. You deserve this time for yourself!


8. Time your rests

Without an instructor keeping time, it can be easy to take a longer break than you intended. Time your rests so you can get the most out of your workout. That being said, always listen to your body—if you need a longer break, take it.


9. Track your progress

Tracking your progress over time lets you really see how much stronger you’re getting. Some people keep a workout log, writing down how many reps they do with what weight for each exercise – which can be helpful when planning future workouts. Another way to track progress is by using the InBody Composition Analyzer. Find clubs with InBody.                                      


10. Try new things

If your workout buddy frequently bails and you don’t like working out alone (even after trying these tips), consider your other options. Working with a personal trainer takes all the guesswork out of working out. You can also find a group fitness class you love to ensure you’ll never work out alone.