Cindy SmithSince I was 12 years old I’ve always struggled with gaining weight. As a little girl, the fast weight gain led to stretch marks on the backs of my legs and me becoming incredibly self-conscious getting in and out of swimming pools. Over the years, I tried several times to lose weight, but I never stayed dedicated to the routines and regimens. Time and time again I became frustrated with my lack of progress and would simply accept myself as overweight and continued my unhealthy habits. I knew, deep down, what I needed to stay committed to a healthier lifestyle is motivation. I would always tell my coworkers that if I don’t have the drive to lose weight, the confidence in myself to know that I can do it, then I will never shed the weight I needed and wanted to lose so badly.


On August 23rd, 2016, I weighed 223 lbs. This was the motivation I needed to make a change. I started my journey as a member of In-Shape. Between the motivation within myself and the encouragement I have received from my awesome trainers, I have been able to drop pound after pound consistently for almost 5 months. I’ve lost 55 lbs. and still dropping! My journey is far from over. I still have 35 lbs. left to lose to reach my goal weight of 130 lbs.


The Group Fitness instructors from both BODYPUMP and Cycle class always compliment me on my successes as well as members telling me quite often how great I look and how far I have come.


People always ask me, “Cindy, what is your secret?”, and I always tell them it’s all about eating right, exercising regularly and, most importantly, finding that motivation to accomplish your goals. Many of my friends and family members have joined In-Shape after seeing how far I have come and I have enjoyed surprising them with my results as much as they have surprised me!