Meet Morgen E.

The Destroyer of Treadmills



Morgen Earle, member at In-Shape Shingle Springs, is changing his life for the better one day at a time with two workouts a day, five days a week.


After trying, and failing, to lose weight many many times in the last 30 years, Morgen had a health scare that made him look at things differently. But with a clean bill of health and normal blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels, Morgen realized he dodged a bullet but that he wasn’t going to get this lucky every time. He knew he needed to give weight loss one more shot, or risk the permanent side effects of a sedentary lifestyle and binge eating unhealthy foods.


After deciding he didn’t want to reach 600lbs, he prayed, held his babies tight and confided in his wife. He felt a shift and knew this time would be different. He joined In-Shape Shingle Springs in April with his friend Cody. They work out every week day morning and over the last 3 months, Morgan has lost 78 pounds! His morning weight lifting sessions and afternoon cardio blasts are clearly paying off.


When Morgen first started working out at In-Shape, he noticed every morning the treadmill he used the previous day would be out of service. He was embarrassed and felt like he shouldn’t come back anymore and started to call himself, “The Destroyer of Treadmills.”


He jokingly mentioned to Nina at the front desk that he needed to apologize to the manager. But as the words came out of his mouth, the manager, Michael Simmons, turned around smiling and said, “Listen buddy, you keep using them, and I’ll keep fixing them.”


In Morgen words, “It was the most compassionate and heartwarming thing anyone has ever said to me. Immediately, I felt like It was ok to just be on this journey. Michael removed all expectations of where I felt I should be, and when I allowed myself to just be where I was, it really opened the door for me to focus on the process instead of the destination.”


It got to a point where I would see that every treadmill I was on would be out of service the next morning. I was embarrassed and really felt like not coming back, but I jokingly mentioned being the guy who was breaking the treadmills to Nina at the front desk, and that I wanted to apologize to her manager. Before she could react Michael Simmons turned around and smiled, he introduced himself as the manager and said “listen buddy, you keep using them, and I will keep fixing them.”
— Morgen Earle, the Destroyer of Treadmills


“That has made a world of difference. I am able to see small victories now because I’m not stacking them up against the end fantasy,” he finished. 


 While his family remains his main source of motivation, he also has a supportive group on social media and at In-Shape he refers to as his “Destroyer Nation.” 


On the really tough days, Morgen tries to remind himself to focus not on the end result but on the process of simply getting up and making it happen. His #destroyernation keeps him pumped up and pushes him on days when he needs it most.


He also taps into the support at In-Shape by working out with two different trainers – Michael and Luke. He has a pretty intense routine which consists of working two alternating muscle groups a day. On Mondays he does chest and biceps. Tuesdays are for triceps and shoulders. Wednesdays are for back and Thursdays for Legs. He rounds out the week on Fridays by calling it "Friday Fun Day" where he either tries a new class or picks a random muscle to focus on. And remember, all five days a week in the afternoon Morgen hits those treadmills to get that calorie burn through cardio.


The hard work is paying off with Morgan already losing nearly 80 pounds in three months. We are going to continue to follow his journey here and check in with him over the next few months as Morgen continues to crush his goals and change his life.


Keep it up, Morgen. We’re cheering for you!


Follow his journey on Instagram as @destroyeroftreadmills or on youtube




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