Dino the Dominator

Dino De SanctisAs an In-Shape member, Dino deserves a big high five from all of us in the In-Shape community for his two-year triumph.


Dino had battled with his weight since he was young, and after high school, he hit 250 pounds. He wanted to make a change, but still let his weight go. In March of 2015, he woke up one morning weighing 315 pounds. He knew he needed to not only change what he ate, but he also needed to create a realistic exercise routine to stick to.


That same day, Dino decided to join In-Shape and he never looked back. He has lost 90 pounds as of February. He changed the way he ate, started drinking more water, and went to In-Shape seven days a week. Dino doesn’t go to the club every single day any more, but he does add exercise into his daily routine to make sure he stays healthy.

We all have to start somewhere, and making that first step in the right direction can completely transform the way we live our lives—just ask Dino.