first came to In-Shape because the hospital that I work at offers discounts, then I went to the doctor and he told me that my blood pressure and levels of triglycerites in my blood were to high and I needed to do something. I realized that "I can't do this alone". I went to the fitness manager Frank Briggs and he gave me a free session. I have been hooked on their personal training from day 1! It has become what I look forward to every week. Brent Warren is the nicest trainer, he makes you feel good about yourself and keeps you motivated no matter what! You meet a lot of people who really care and it's like going over to a friends place. It has been a little over a month and I see results each week and the best part is when I went to my follow up doctor's appt. the first thing that the medical asst. said to me was "you have lost weight". and the doctor told me when he followed up with my blood work that "The results have made a complete turn around and that he is "very impressed"....I could go on and on with great things to say but, Thank You In-Shape Sport Bakersfield (Coffee Rd.) I am glad to be part of such a great "family"!

Heather Moorehead

November 2009

Bakersfield (Coffee Road)