When I used to think of working out, I used to dread every minute of it. Considering I have always been an athlete, I typically was in decent shape.  As an athlete, I was always working out and doing something physical, but it was for the actual sport and not purley for health.  Therefore, when I stopped playing sports, I had no knowledge of how to work out for myself.  During this time I was at my lowest point of self confidence and had no motivation to work out.  Since I used to be a "regular" at the gym, I definitely  know my way around but could not find my way there.  One day my sister drug me out of the house and we decided to take an Ab Blast Class.  We typically don't like to take work out classes because I was self conscience of my work out abilities at this point.  Yet, this particular day we took that class and I have not stopped since.  This class completely changed my life and my motivation to work out strictly for me.  I noticed a difference after taking the class three times, and became a full fledge regular.  One of the things that continued to bring me back to the class was the trainer (instructor:).  Jessica is full of excitement and humor which made this class so much fun.  She definitely has the knowledge behind her and obviously lives a healthy lifestyle  considering she is in fantastic shape.  She motivated me every time I thought I could not finish and exercise which allowed me to push me past what I even thoughts my limits.  During my athletic career we were required to work out and often did planks as an exercise.  Since taking all the time off, I was completely out of shape when I began taking the Ab Blast class.  I was unable to even hold myself for twenty seconds during the plank exercise. After about a month of consistently attending this class and some instruction from Jessica, I was successfully able to finish the exercise.  My entire outlook on working out has changed along with my self confidence which has shot through the roof.  I thank Jessica for being such a great motivator and trainer to help me continue to reach my health goals.

Jenna Maiden
In-Shape Member