January 2010 was the beginning of a new journey for me. For quite a long time I was unhappy with my weight and the unhealthy lifestyle that I led, but was at a loss as to what to do. Long story short a close friend joined the gym and recommended I check it out. When I came in I was scared and unsure, but knew it was the right time to join. I just had to make a commitment to myself that I was going to work hard.

Right away I knew that I couldn’t do this journey alone, I needed some help as to how I should go about losing weight and changing my unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one. So I decided to work with a personal trainer to help teach me what to do. I was paired up with Dana. I was very nervous about meeting her, feeling very vulnerable. Bust the moment I started working with her, I felt comfortable. I have never felt any pressure, but only positive encouragement to keep going throughout the rough days or weeks.

When I began my weight loss journey I was 257 lbs. My goal was to reach 180lbs. I can’t remember the last time I weighed that! Before I knew it I was losing inches and the weight. As of today (7 months after the start of my journey) I am down to 190lbs. Only 10 lbs from my goal! I am moving out of state and I am disappointed to have to leave Dana behind. I wish I could continue on my journey with Dana. I will be forever thankful for all that she has taught me along the way.

Rachel Goerke
In-Shape Member