I am an RN that has worked at St. Joseph’s Medical Center for about 35 years. That will tell you how old I am! I was intrigued last December by invitations from Customer Built Representatives for a trial of personal training at the In-Shape facilities. And, I found out if you had a “workout buddy”, the cost would be half as much, but truth be told, double the fun!        

This has worked quite well, there is not only a bonding, but a commitment that you end up making to yourself and your buddy—you will find you do not want to disappoint your buddy or yourself. Also our trainer, Jay, has been our true inspiration. He is our champion, our guru, the driver of our exercise! And, boy does he know what he is doing. With core strengthening and muscle building, we each have dropped some pounds, but mainly inches. And best of all, I feel more agile, balanced, and capable, all which have contributed to living a better quality of life. What more can I say, take the challenge, and you will love yourself for it!

Shirley Zolezzi