Lots of plans for 2020 also translates to busy days trying to fit them all in. Keep those fitness resolutions AND have time for everything else on your to do list with this awesome 30-minute HIIT cardio workout from one of our Bakersfield based Trainers, Charlene Roorda.


It’s fast and it’s furious, but don’t worry there are ways to level up or level down based on your fitness level. Head to the 360 Fit space, near the battle ropes, with the following items, and get ready to sweat:

  • Exercise mat
  • Bench or block
  • Floor space


Charlene included a must-do warm-up, “A dynamic warm up will help your body gradually fire up your cardiovascular system to increase blood flow to the muscles you’re about to work. By warming up, you’re preventing stiffness, soreness, and injury.” So, don’t skip it!


This workout will take you through things like thrusters, butt kickers and speed skaters. Thrusters are perfect for gaining both upper and lower body strength by working the quads, glutes, and shoulders. Not quite your cup of tea? Instead of jumping in and out, step in and out.


Charlene also included prone jacks. Like jumping jacks, prone jacks are one of the most effective cardio exercises to build the entire leg muscle while incorporating shoulder and back strength. Level-down by tapping alternating feet out instead of jumping.


Speed skaters are also great for toning the leg and by adding the complexity of crossing the legs over one another they incorporate muscles that typically are not used. This exercise also adds core stability, glute, and hip strength. Try curtsey lunges if jumping side to side is too intense today.


This workout torches cals and you’ll really feel the burn during the finisher. You’re going to love the way you feel afterward, we promise! And don’t forget to cool down, “The benefits of post workout stretching are endless. Not only does stretching prevent stiffness, soreness, and injury like the warm-up, but it helps bring your heart rate down from the main workout. Additionally, by stretching the muscles worked this will increase flexibility, range of motion, and boost your energy for all day-to-day activities,” Charlene says. 

 Hiit workout




WARM-UP x2 (30 seconds each)                                                                             

Bodyweight squats w/ alternating Leg Kicks 

Arm Circles (forward and Backwards) 

Jumping Jacks 

Walking Planks

1 Minute Break 


CIRCUIT x 4 (30 seconds each) 

Quick Feet 


High Knees 

Prone Jacks 

Butt Kickers 

Speed Skaters 


FINAL PUSH x2 (40 seconds each) 

Squat Jacks 

Rest- 30 seconds 

Alternating Battle Ropes 


RECOVERY x1 (30 seconds each side) 

Runners stretch with T-Spine Rotation  

Quad stretch 

Shoulder Stretch 

Piriformis Stretch