Whether you’re taking the kids with you to work out or putting them in the gym’s child care program to get your own time, you and your kids can greatly benefit from going to the gym together. So before you leave them with their grandparents or another babysitter, consider these top 5 reasons why you should have them tag along: 

1. To teach fitness values

Taking your kids with you when you go to work out is a great way to demonstrate the importance of physical fitness and having a healthy lifestyle. By showing your children you value personal fitness, you can instill the right mindset early on and potentially get them in the habit of making health-conscious choices.

2. To provide health benefits

Whether your children are working out with you or taking part in a child care program at the gym, they will be getting valuable exercise. Many gyms offer fitness for kids through activities and equipment that get them moving. Taking your little ones to these gyms for kids is a great way to get them involved in aerobic activity and away from the TV.

3. To foster socialization

In addition to providing physical activity, a child care program at a gym for kids will give your child an opportunity to socialize with other children outside of their normal routine. This will teach them communication skills as well as how to interact appropriately with others.

4. To make child care more affordable

Most gym child care programs are relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of day care or nannies. 

5. To offer flexibility

Taking your kids to the gym also allows you to work out when you want to without having to rely on a babysitter’s availability. Gyms for kids are not only great for your children, but they allow you to work out more often and on your own schedule.

Promoting fitness for kids is a critical step in keeping your family healthy.