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Exercise is only one part of the wellness equation. Eating clean is just as important as moving your body on the regular. To help our members get a leg up on their fitness journeys, we’ve scored a new partnership (and discount!) with Trifecta – an organic meal delivery service.


What is Trifecta?

Trifecta is an organic meal delivery service that sells fully cooked meals that are delivered fresh, never frozen, every week. Say sayonara to menu planning, calorie counting, or too-many-pans-for-a-weeknight style cooking. You can save time and get gains with Trifecta’s meal plans whether you just want to eat better, save time, count macros or follow a specific diet like paleo, keto, vegan or vegetarian. You can even go a la carte and customize your meals to meet your specific macros needs.


We spoke to Trifecta’s CEO, Greg Connolly to get the scoop on Trifecta’s plans to get America back in shape (a mission we at In-Shape definitely support)! Greg recognized how difficult it can be for people to eat well – and to consistently eat well. With busy work schedules, family commitments, more time commuting and endless to-do-lists, it is easy to forgo the stove and turn to Door Dash or Postmates for your weeknight fuel. Unfortunately, this habit wreaks havoc on your waistline (and your wallet too).


With nearly 74 per cent of adult males and 68 per cent of adult women overweight or obese, Trifecta saw an opportunity for a creative solution that would help people stay on track and change their lives for the better. Trifecta doesn’t subscribe to any magic pills or portions. It knows that diet and exercise work consistently. So, when customers want to lose weight, Trifecta balances their macros and then puts them at a calorie deficit to aim for a weight reduction of about 1-2 pounds for week. Overtime this can lead to major weight loss or in the case of many of their customers, no longer needing their diabetes medications.


Not only is Trifecta helping customers lose weight, build muscle or achieve their consistently clean eating goals, it’s making a difference to the planet too. Trifecta uses it’s buying power as the largest organic meal delivery service in the US to source the highest quality proteins that have never had antibiotics ever throughout the entire lifecycle of the animal. Think family famers, organic farmers, and wild caught fisheries.


Plus, all of Trifecta’s foods are organic and GMO free, which make them viable options for busy people aiming to consume natural foods.


“From the beginning, we knew we would need to be able to provide organic food that was less expensive, more convenient and more environmentally friendly than fast food,” Greg Connolley said.

 trifecta meals


Subscribe to a few meals from Trifecta a week and you’ll also be supporting sustainable food and waste practices, from scratch cooking (all the veggies are still hand chopped in their kitchen in LA) and you’ll have total flexibility with your subscription. Plus, the food tastes good, is delivered straight to your door and you don’t have to worry about mess – just heat it up and enjoy. It’s hard to think of a reason NOT to try it. Oh, and did we mention you get a discount as a member at In-Shape?


Whether it’s to save time, beat the lines at the grocery store, stick to a specific diet plan, lose weight or just support your fitness journey (and people like Michael B. Jordan and Liam Hemsworth are big fans and reap the rewards of Trifecta) it’s surely worth a try.