If you usually spend hours at the pool, you’re probably feeling like a fish out of water as we shelter-in-place at home. Splashing around in the bathtub probably won’t be enough to keep your muscles in tip-top shape for swimming, so we asked Kailee and Shane for advice.

Kailee and Shane have 25 years of competitive swim experience between them, and both played water polo at University of the Pacific. They have experience coaching water polo and swimming for all ages, and Shane helps write workouts for Navy Seals in training as well as those training for triathlons. During their time at home, Kailee and Shane have turned to TRX suspension training to keep in shape.



Complete 3-4 rounds of each exercise.

  • Y-Lunges
    • Lunge with arms in Y
    • 8 reps per leg, alternating
  • Single Arm Rows
    • Lean back with open shoulders to 45 degrees and make sure hips are aligned with shoulders
    • 8 reps per side
  • Push-up Walk-Outs
    • In push-up position, walk hands out and back
    • 8 reps
  • T-Swimmers
    • Lean back with back straight and pull using the T position
    • Alternate with diagonal arms
    • 8 reps
  • Single-leg Hinge
    • Put pressure on handles as you push forward (like a streamline move)
    • 4 reps per leg, alternating



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