When you hit the gym for a workout, the last thing you want to worry about is a wardrobe malfunction. To safely avoid becoming the next peek-a-boob Janet Jackson or booty-not-so-licious Sofia Vergara, you’ll want to ensure your gym workout clothes aren't catching on equipment, trapping in excess heat, causing discomfort or otherwise making it difficult to move freely.

To Wear or Not to Wear: That is the Question

Before we talk about what to wear to the gym, let’s address a few activewear don’ts. Throwing on your oldest pair of sweats with a ratty t-shirt is not only a fashion faux pas — since your visits to the gym are likely to improve your image — but it can also be an exercise hazard. Wearing heavy fabric or cotton that absorbs sweat and holds it against your skin can cause chafing and give you the chills. Excessive loose fabric is also more likely to get caught up in the exercise equipment, so light, form-fitting fabrics are best.

For both weightlifting and cardio, keep these tips in mind:

- Stretchy shorts and capris are made of light fabric that conforms to your shape, breathes easily and wicks away sweat, making them ideal for gym workout clothes
- Wear a decent pair of gym shoes to support your legs and back, whether you're jogging, lifting weights or doing aerobics
- Choose sleeveless gym workout clothes whenever possible — it will help you stay cool and minimize body odor
- Women: Wear a sports bra. A sports bra ensures proper support to avoid back pain and maximum mobility

Yoga Wear Goes with the Flow

When deciding what to wear to the gym, think like a yogi. Workout clothes made for yoga practice are typically stretchy, form-fitting and designed to move with you as you bend and contort your way to greater flexibility and core strength. It’s the perfect combination for both fashion and comfort.