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Get an In-Shape Backpack!

Invite a Friend

Hoping to get a workout buddy to sign-up, or just want to spread the word of health with your friends?

Fill out the form to invite your friend to join you at In-Shape FREE for 7 days. If they sign up, you get a free In-Shape Backpack!*

In SHape Backpack for Referring a Friend

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*EXPIRES 3/31/18. Current members who refer a person who joins In-Shape as a new member will receive an In-Shape Backpack. Members will receive an email at the member’s email address of record informing them to go to their home club to retrieve their Backpack. It is member’s responsibility to confirm the accuracy of member’s contact information on record. All referrals are subject to verification. Referrals are only rewarded for new membership joins. Referrals are not rewarded for members added to a member’s account. Allow 2-4 weeks for receipt of In-Shape email directing member where to pick-up the water bottle. All referral water bottles must be claimed at the designated club by April 31, 2018. Certain restrictions apply. See club for details.

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