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Senior Memberships

Physical activity keeps you healthy, happy, and fit!

That’s why we’ve partnered with the top insurance providers so we can offer our Senior members an amazing health club experience.


Through these partnerships we are able to offer discounted and no-cost membership options for seniors, depending on your health care provider.


With 40+ locations across California and so many amenities to choose from, we’ve created an experience that goes far beyond just fitness. We know that socializing and relaxation are just as important as working out. At In-Shape we have monthly senior socials, pickleball tournaments, aqua classes and other events to keep you active. From beginners to exercise enthusiasts, at In-Shape, there’s something for everyone.


Ready to join? Great! It just takes 2 easy steps:


    Step 1

    Check your Senior Membership Eligibility and register. Make sure you have your ID number. Our Senior Partnership providers are listed below:


    Silver Sneakers – A health and fitness program designed for adults 65+ that’s included with many Medicare Plans, the goal is to help you stay strong in body, mind, and spirit. 

    Check your eligibility for Silver Sneakers here.


    Silver & Fit – A privately owned fitness program designed for seniors and Medicare eligibles. Even though it operates independently from Medicare, many Medicare Advantage and some Medicare Supplement plans offer a membership as a plan benefit.

    Check your Silver & Fit eligibility here.


    (If you would like to check your eligibility for the Active & Fit program, you’ll have to contact your employer, association, or health plan to see if they participate in the Active & Fit Direct program. If so, they will direct you to a dedicated link, which provides access to the Active & Fit Direct website to enroll. You won't be able to enroll without this dedicated link.)


    Renew Active by UHC – A Medicare fitness programs for body and mind. Renew Active is available at no additional cost, exclusively from UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Plans.

    Check your Renew Active eligibility here.


    Peerfit Move – a proactive approach to wellness for Medicare Advantage members, providing flexible fitness options and facilitating social connections to maintain an active lifestyle.

    Check your Peerfit Move eligibility and register here.

    Senior Partnerships
    Senior Memberships

Step 2

Visit the club and make sure to bring a photo ID and your ID number from Step 1.


In the club's Enrollment Center, follow the touch-screen join process and make sure you select “Senior Membership.” An In-Shape team member will verify your membership. The team member can also give you a tour of the club. Make sure you wear/bring your exercise clothes if you are planning on working out right after signing up!

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