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Our Story

Welcome to In-Shape, a group of health clubs based in California. Notice we say “health club” and not “gym.” Gyms are cool and all, but we don’t just want to give people a space to work out. We want to create a community. A place where people feel like they belong, where everyone can hang out in the pool and nobody’s embarrassed to get really sweaty or make strange faces while lifting weights. That’s what sets us apart: a feeling of “when I’m here, I’m with my people.” That’s the best feeling there is, and it’s our goal to share it with all our members.

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1981 Our story begins

Once upon a time, a retired doctor transformed a run-of-the-mill racquetball club in Stockton, California into a full-service health club. Dr. Mort Rothbard believed health is bigger than fitness, and if people got in better shape, they could avoid some of the issues he’d seen in his practice. Also, he just thought they’d be a whole lot happier. Our first club is still thriving (with a few updates along the way), and is now joined by 43 other locations in California. Although we’re a lot bigger than we used to be, our goal has stayed the same: to make each member’s day a little better every time they come in.

OUR MISSION is To motivate our communities to be healthy, fit and happy by creating a place of belonging and human connection, enabling a clear path to reach their health and fitness goals

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    Our team members

    When it comes down to it, what we really want is to make each member’s day a little bit better every time they come in. Sometimes, having a better day means lifting a giant weight up over your head and pretending you’re Hercules. We can help with that. We can even make sure no one gets hurt in the process. Sometimes, though, having a better day means laying off the Hercules stuff, and relaxing in the pool, or learning some new stretches. We’ll be glad to help with that too.

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    Our experience

    We want to make our members’ paths to health and fitness as easy as possible. And one thing we’ve found is that exercise is always easier when you’ve got people supporting you. In-Shape offers members a community of people who make each other strong, and who share each other’s values. Who meet up for racquetball after work, and always remember to ask how the kids are. So when you're here, you know you're surrounded by people who always have your back... even if it is a little sweaty.

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