Swim Lesson Policies & Information


Membership Requirements: An In-Shape Family Fitness membership is not required for all swim lesson participants. Nonmembers can participate by adding on a nonmember fee at checkout. Not all locations offer a non-member option. The Member parent or guardian can enroll their dependent children in the program at the member rate. A valid Membership ID is required at checkout for the member rate.

Non-member add-on pricing: The non-member add-on rate is for individuals who do not want to take advantage of membership benefits but would like to join the In-Shape Family Fitness swim lessons program. Not all locations offer a non-member option. At the time of enrollment, non-members will select the add-on rate equivalent to the total number of sessions being enrolled, per child. If the appropriate add-on rate is not selected, the rate will be added to your TeamSideline account and payment will be required before program participation. This rate does not allow for access to the facility outside of the day and time participants are enrolled for and only includes access and use of the facility for the duration of the swim lesson class and session. This rate is nonrefundable. For questions, please reach out to swimlessons@inshape.com.

Swim Lessons Check-in Requirements: All program participants must scan in at the check-in desk before entering the facility. Members will use the barcode provided to them at the time of joining. Nonmembers will need to arrive 30 minutes before their first scheduled lesson of each session they enroll for to sign up for their complimentary swim lessons pass. The pass will be sent to the email and will include a barcode. This barcode will be used for check-in during every class and will only be valid for the class day and time enrolled for. This pass is not transferable. A valid ID will need to be presented at the time of check-in.

Missed Classes: We do not offer makeup lessons, credits, or refunds for missed classes. In the event a class needs to be canceled by us due to events beyond our control, we will make our best effort to schedule a makeup lesson.

Cancellations: Cancellations received 24 hours before the program's start date can be refunded, and a $10.00 processing fee will be applied. Cancellation requests submitted after the program's start date will not be issued a credit or refund, regardless of attendance. Cancellations made on a program that was enrolled for 100 days before the program start date cannot be refunded. A credit can be issued to be used for swim lessons for an upcoming session or your program can be transferred to another session.

Refunds: Refunds will not be issued on or after the first day of the session. To request a refund, credit, or transfer, please email us at swimlessons@inshape.com before the first day of the session. Refunds are subject to a $10.00 processing fee per enrollment.

Credits: Credits can be applied to your TeamSideline Swim Lessons account only. Credits cannot be used for other activities outside of Swim Lessons. Credits will not be issued on or after the first day of the session start date. To request a credit please email us at swimlessons@inshape.com 24 hours before the program's start date. Once a credit has been applied, it cannot be refunded.

Program and Class Cancellations by In-Shape: If In-Shape needs to cancel your entire session, refunds will be issued. For classes that need to be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, we will make our best effort to move programming to another location for the day or provide a makeup lesson on a different day. If we are unable to offer either of the above, a credit will be issued to your TeamSideline account to be applied to a future session.

Transfers and Level Changes: Transfers between sessions or changes in times are only possible if classes and or levels are available. Transfers cannot be made on or after the start of the session. Please contact us at swimlessons@inshape.com for assistance with your level, session, or time change transfer.

Parental Supervision: For your child's safety, children under the age of 14 must have a parent present in the pool area while swim lessons are in progress.

Illness: A child with cold or flu symptoms (e.g., persistent cough, runny nose, fever, eye or skin irritations, vomiting, or diarrhea, etc.) will not be able to participate in swim class. Swim lesson staff members reserve the right to turn away children who appear to be sick.

Combining Classes: If fewer than three children enroll for a level, classes may be combined, moved to a different time slot, or canceled.

Photos and Video: To respect the privacy of our members, guests, participants, and team members, please take photos and videos of your child only.


What to bring with you to swim lessons
  • Please bring goggles with you to each lesson.
  • Please keep your child’s hair pulled back in a hair tie.
  • Children who are not potty-trained will need to wear a swim diaper. Plastic pants over a swim diaper are preferred.
  • Have a towel ready for your child for when they exit the pool.
Day 1
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson.
  • You will need to check in using the In-Shape app at the Welcome Desk for each lesson. Guests or any individual who does not have an In-Shape membership must sign a liability of release upon entry at our front desk.
  • Our Swim Lesson coordinator will meet up on the pool deck and check your child in based on the level in which you enrolled. At this time, you will be told who your swim instructor will be.
  • Your child will enter the water when the swim instructor gives them permission to do so.
  • Your swim instructor will evaluate your child. If your child was placed in the incorrect level your child will be moved to the correct level with space permitting.
  • Classes may be combined or canceled if less than two (2) children are registered in that level.
Throughout the lesson
  • You will need to check in using the In-Shape app at the Welcome Desk for each lesson. Guests or any individual who does not have an In-Shape membership must sign a liability of release upon entry at our front desk.
  • Your instructor may miss class due to illness or an emergency, but we will make every effort to keep the number of substitutes to a minimum.
  • Family Swim is available for members. Please see our pool schedule for Family Swim times and rules.
  • Children learn and progress at their own speed. It’s common for a student to remain in the same level for several sessions. Please don’t feel discouraged if your child needs to repeat a level.
  • Class will end 5 minutes early on the last day of each session for your instructor to distribute and discuss your child's progress tracker.
  • Program evaluations will be emailed to parents at the end of each session. Although it’s optional, your feedback is important to us!
  • Don’t forget to re-enroll. You can do this by visiting our Welcome Desk at any time.

Beginner Lesson Levels


Class ratio: 10:1 | 30 Minutes | Ages 6 months – 3 years

Our infant and toddler program is for children 6 months to 3 years of age and their parents or caregivers. This level is geared towards helping kids adjust to being in the water while learning basic swim skills and cues. This level will instill water safety skills and help prepare your little ones for their first small group swim lessons.

Level 1

Class ratio: 4:1 | 40 Minutes

For new swimmers or non-swimmers who are not yet comfortable getting their face wet.

In Level 1, we’ll help kids get comfortable in the water, build confidence, and learn skills like putting their face in the water, opening their eyes underwater, plus early swim skills like floating and swimming front crawl.

Level 2

Class ratio: 4:1 | 40 Minutes

For swimmers who can put their face in the water, open their eyes underwater and swim confidently with assistance.

In Level 2, students will learn fundamental skills to start their journey to swim on their own using freestyle and backstroke.

Level 3

Class ratio: 5:1 | 40 Minutes

For swimmers who can swim freestyle with their face in the water for 10 feet.

In Level 3, we’ll refine existing skills like freestyle and backstroke and develop side breathing and endurance.

Advanced Lesson Levels

Level 4

Class ratio: 5:1 | 40 Minutes

For swimmers who can swim freestyle with side breathing and backstroke independently for 15 yards.

In Level 4, students will become proficient at freestyle and backstroke and will develop breaststroke and elementary backstroke skills.

Level 5

Class ratio: 5:1 | 40 Minutes

For swimmers who can swim freestyle with side breathing and backstroke independently for 25 yards.

In Level 5, students will focus on advanced technical skills for each stroke and will develop butterfly.

13+ Lessons

Class ratio: 8:1 | 40 Minutes

Our adult lessons are for people 13 years of age and older who want to learn to swim. This class is geared towards adult non-swimmers who want to learn basic swim skills and how to swim freestyle and backstroke.