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  • 7 Benefits of Jumping Rope

    Jumping rope isn’t just for kids on the blacktop or boxers at the ring! It offers some serious benefits from a major calorie burn to a challenging cross-training session. In-Shape scoured the research to bring you this compilation of jump rope be

  • Fish Tacos 3 Healthy Ways

    Fish tacos make the best summer meals. Besides being really easy to prepare, they’re healthy when sautéed in a tablespoon of olive oil. The American Heart Association recommends eating a 2.5 ounce serving of fish at least two times a week, especia

  • Pre vs. Post-Workout Supplements

    Curious what all those beverages are that fill the fridges as you walk into the club? Aside from the water that you can win for checking in five times a month, some of them might be confusing to the untrained eye. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back

  • Chocolate Cherry Protein Shake

    In honor of cherry season coming to an end this month, choc up your antioxidant protection and reduce inflammation with this filling and decadent Chocolate Cherry Protein Shake. Did you know cherries can reduce post-exercise pain? They can make that

  • July Recharge Card Workout

    July Firecracker Workout       DO EACH EXERCISE FOR 30 SECONDS REST FOR 15 SECONDS BETWEEN EACH & 2 MINUTES BETWEEN BLOCKS   Warm Up: Do each exercise for 30 seconds & repeat twice -Monster Walk -Walk-out -Runner's stretch -Jumping Jacks -Quick f

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