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  • June Fitness Challenge: 30 Days of Yoga

    This month’s fitness challenge is all about posing – yoga posing that is! Whether you’re a yoga devotee or haven’t tried it, these poses are for everybody and every body – no twisted knots to scare you away. Increase your strength and flexi

  • How to Get Started: Les Mills BODYPUMP®

    Wanna try Les Mills BODYPUMP® but don’t know where to begin? Will, Group Fitness Manager and Fitness Education Trainer gives us the insider info on how to set up your station so you’re ready to pump it up. Check it out and then join us for a cla

  • Tired of your Routine? 4 Ways to Change It Up!

    It’s no secret most of us are creatures of habit and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Having a routine and sticking to it can make a big difference in achieving your goals, rather they’re fitness related or in your personal or professional l

  • Benefits of Meditation & 10 Tips to Get Started

    Just like your daily trip to the gym trains your body, meditation trains your mind. Hitting the treadmill boosts your cardio fitness just like meditating, even for a short time, boosts your mental fitness.   There are so many benefits to a regular m

  • Calories in Your Favorite Candy and How to Burn It Off

    It’s that time of year to eat, drink and be scary! Decorations are up, costumes are planned, parties are on the agenda and tons of fun-sized candies are already in the break room, waiting room, pantry and potentially your belly!   Halloween is syn

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