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  • Tyler Beckham | In-Shape: Tracy

    Being overweight most of my life was always a struggle. From the way my family ate to stressors that seemed to control my life. It was when I finally had the motivation to become more active in middle school that I failed from getting an injury in Cr

  • 5 Ways to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

    Every two minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. What can you do?   Exercise Studies show that even moderate physical activity, such as one to two hours of brisk walking each week, can help reduce your risk for breast cancer. Sweating it

  • A 30-Minute Workout You Can Do Anywhere

    We know finding time to work out can be a big struggle—especially during the fall and winter seasons. Here’s a quick 30-minute workout routine you can really do anywhere. From the club to the comfort of your own home, you’ll want to do this wor

  • Kimberly Lopez | Member Story

    After I had my son, I gained 61 lbs. and was unable to shed the weight. Before I started going to the gym, my body fat percentage was 41% and I was not physically active whatsoever. I was incredibly depressed and my eating habits were beyond poor.  

  • Whitney Padilla | Member Story

    All it took was a text from my mother for me to embark on my life-changing journey on December 21st, 2015. In that text was an unrecognizable picture of me. I could not believe who I was looking at and knew this is not who I wanted to be. After many

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